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    Music Therapy in Memory Care

    Music Therapy in Memory Care


    Music Therapy has become one of the most valued tools in memory care because it has been proven to trigger activity throughout the entire brain. While many of us enjoy music for its entertaining quality, it provides benefits that have been proven to enhance mood, stimulate the brain, and calm people when used in a therapeutic manner – especially those who have cognitive difficulties such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

    Emotional Associations with Music

    Listening to music can trigger emotional responses that are positive or negative. A song may be associated with memories and life events, and the feelings that go with those memories may be felt when a song is heard. If a song evokes distress, try changing the music to alter the mood.

    When choosing music with the goal of stimulating interaction, playing songs from the person’s young adult years will likely cause the greatest response. If the goal is to reduce stress or promote sleep, unfamiliar music is a good choice because it will have the least likelihood of emotional association.

    Music and Memories

    Music can be integrated into memory care in a number of ways, and is often used as part of an enjoyable, engaging activity that stimulates the brain. Our certified Music Therapists at Parc Provence play familiar tunes on instruments and residents repeat the melody in response. Sing-alongs and musical theater are also popular with residents and their families – especially during our annual Music Therapy Month. Dancing to favorite songs from our residents’ youthful prime always brings out smiles and creates moments of joy.

    Music therapy uses a variety of techniques to engage participants with music in ways that engage the entire brain. From playing instruments and singing to simply watching others dance, musical interaction is beneficial.


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