Parc Provence's VOYCE Nominees - Parc Provence Memory Care Parc Provence's VOYCE Nominees - Parc Provence Memory Care

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    Parc Provence’s VOYCE Nominees

    Parc Provence’s VOYCE Nominees

    Excellence in Person-Centered Care

    Three members of the Parc Provence community — Chelsie Dillon, Klara Solomon-Soare, and Subie Banaszynski — have been nominated for a 2018 VOYCE award.

    VOYCE is a nonprofit organization offering advocacy services to people in the St. Louis area and in northeast Missouri who are residing in skilled nursing, assisted living, and residential care communities. The organization’s mission is “to educate and empower persons and their families for quality living across the continuum of long-term care.”

    Please meet the Parc Provence nominees:

    Chelsie Dillon
    Nominee for Caregiver of the Year

    Serving as director of dining services for more than two years, Chelsie Dillon delivers exceptional care to our residents by ensuring they have the best dining experience possible.

    Dillon performs her responsibilities using the philosophy “residents come first.” She believes she and her co-workers must treat residents with the same dignity and respect one would offer to family members — and that includes healthy and satisfying meals served in beautiful surroundings.

    Dillon says she is especially proud of the decisions she and her team make that help care for and positively affect Parc Provence residents, many of whom live with dementia and other medical conditions. Every day, Dillon says, she bases those choices on her belief that “residents are family, and they deserve all that we can give them.”

    Dillon’s recognition as a two-time Parc Provence Employee of the Month is evidence of her commitment to excellence.

    Klara Solomon-Soare, RN
    Nominee for Caregiver of the Year

    As resident care director, Klara Solomon-Soare brings patience, compassion, and excellence in nursing to Parc Provence residents. She is especially skilled at helping new residents feel at home and supported, particularly those who have not achieved success in other assisted-living situations. Solomon-Soare offers a renewed sense of hope and peace of mind to these residents and their families.

    Born in Romania, Solomon-Soare graduated from Avram Iancu University with a degree in physical therapy. She then completed nursing school in the United States, an accomplishment that required her to embrace a new culture and language.

    Solomon-Soare believes that even small gestures can make a difference in the lives of the residents she serves.

    “Making a difference doesn’t necessarily require complicated or difficult nursing techniques,” she says. “It’s the small and caring things at the right moment that make the real difference.”

    Subie Banaszynski
    Nominee for Volunteer of the Year

    A volunteer at Parc Provence, Subie Banaszynski works two to three Fridays a month to lead residents and family members in a Jewish Shabbat service. During the service, she provides a warm and comforting environment and a familiar, friendly face.

    Understanding that gatherings such as these may reveal specific needs of residents and their families, Banaszynski takes time at the end of each service to talk with those who might have questions or who might want to reminisce about the Shabbat services of the past. These kinds of memories may be some of the few remaining ones for certain residents.

    While it’s true that advanced Alzheimer’s disease may rob people of the ability to complete a sentence, it’s also true that some can still recall the words and melody of a song or recall specific prayers. Banaszynski understands just how important these kinds of memories can be, and she works to create unique moments of joy for our residents.

    Professional and Exceptional

    Each Parc Provence nominee offers excellence in her area of expertise. Each has changed residents’ lives and offered peace of mind to families and loved ones. We are proud of them and their achievements.

    VOYCE has served Greater St. Louis and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years, ensuring the quality of life for people living on the long-term care continuum.

    VOYCE will announce award winners later this month.