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Dementia-Care Specialists

Dementia-Care Specialists

Parc Provence is the leader in dementia care, having established a better standard for quality memory-care programs. Whether you or a loved one have been newly diagnosed with vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, mild cognitive impairment, Lewy body dementia, or are experiencing more advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, we can help.

At Parc Provence, experienced memory-care specialists design programs that appeal to individual interests and abilities. Our unique activities are specially developed to bring out the best in our residents at every stage. We work with families and caregivers to create personalized care plans, and our gorgeous setting is designed to help residents feel at home.

Learn what makes Parc Provence the leader in quality dementia care.

  • 1. Expertise

    Parc Provence expertise

    Our administrator, Kathy Aragon, has nearly 30 years of nursing experience. Our medical director, Dr. David Carr, is a professor of medicine at Washington University School of Medicine and the director of clinical services for the university’s Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology. Dr. Carr is a nationally recognized expert in the field of memory care. Our associate medical director, Dr. Lenise Cummings-Vaughn, is an assistant professor of medicine at Washington University School of Medicine within its Division of Geriatrics and Nutrition Science. The expertise this leadership team offers influences every aspect of the compassionate care we offer residents, from our extensive activities program to our comprehensive nutrition program. We provide 24-hour nursing care seven days a week; a full-time registered nurse supervises the nursing team. We maintain the industry’s highest staff-to-resident ratio for day and evening shifts, 365 days a year. And we offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies daily.

  • 2. Experience

    Parc Provence experience

    Since 2004, Parc Provence has been the proven leader in its field. Our dementia program has earned the highest credentials, as have our staff and model of person-centered care. We are pioneers in caring for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And we are proud to serve families from across the United States. We understand the fears, stresses, and concerns memory diseases can cause for those afflicted and their families. That’s why we work with families at every stage of care for their loved ones. Families trust Parc Provence because we offer care that is grounded in compassion and science.

  • 3. Award-Winning Care

    Parc Provence care

    At Parc Provence, we practice person-centered care. There is no substitute for human interaction. As a community that supports holistic well-being for each of our residents, Parc Provence offers extensive, individualized, small- and large-group programs, one-on-one services, and amenities, all tailored to fit each resident’s unique cognitive and social abilities. Our trained and certified nurses and therapists, and our compassionate support staff, offer the best memory care available. While we employ technology to enhance our services, people always come first at Parc Provence.

  • 4. Active, Engaged Living

    Parc Provence active living

    Because Parc Provence offers more than 80 different activities every day, we can say with confidence there’s something for everyone. Our residents enjoy a robust schedule of exercise, outings, spiritual renewal, social events, live music, effective therapies, and much more. We carefully evaluate and monitor each resident’s participation to assess effectiveness, and we adjust daily schedules to achieve maximum benefit. Therapists specializing in music, art, horticulture, and massage work with residents to help them function at their highest ability. At Parc Provence, we emphasize the quality of life for every resident.

  • 5. Innovative Design

    Parc Provence innovative design

    Parc Provence is made up of five unique and interconnected households. Each household is designed to provide an intimate and comfortable living environment, which helps ensure each resident receives the best possible care. Households are made up of residents with similar abilities and care requirements. Research shows this model fosters better care and stronger friendships. Our community also includes nine courtyards with lush gardens and spacious walking paths that offer our residents a safe environment that nurtures contact with nature. We believe each of our residents deserves to feel comfortable and at home.

  • 6. Locally Owned & Operated

    Parc Provence locally owned

    Parc Provence was developed and is managed in the tradition of its sister communities: The Gatesworth, McKnight Place Assisted Living & Memory Care, and McKnight Place Skilled Nursing, all of which are located in the St. Louis region. Since its opening in 2004, Parc Provence has offered residents the region’s most comprehensive care available for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and has won numerous local and national awards for excellence. Our staff knows our residents and their families by name. The entire team is committed to quality care that sets us apart.

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