Geriatric Physical Therapy - PT for Seniors - Rehabilitation

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    Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy

    We offer quality physical therapy services right in our building. In our wellness center, known as “Function Junction,” residents use familiar activities and tools along with clinical methods to address therapy goals. The convenience of on-site therapy allows residents and their families to focus on health and wellness without the hassle of managing off-site appointments.

    Our Therapists

    Every physical therapist at Parc Provence has extensive experience working with senior adults. They are also specially trained in all aspects of memory care. We use a team approach to therapy under physician supervision. Parc Provence therapists work closely with our nursing staff, communicate with caregivers, and involve family members to ensure personalized treatment to all our residents.

    Physical Therapy with Dementia Care

    Physical therapy with dementia care addresses deficits in balance, muscle strength, and endurance. It promotes increased ability to perform transfers and gait. Physical therapy (PT) can also help with pain management through use of exercise, increased flexibility, and education. Parc Provence therapists can assess a resident’s ability to walk safely, fall risk, and other functional talks. The therapist will develop a treatment program to help maintain your loved one’s current abilities and achieve maximum quality of life.

    Physical Therapy Promotes Safety

    Another goal of PT treatment is promoting independence with gait while minimizing the risk of falls. People who have Alzheimer’s or dementia are at greater risk of falls and mobility issues due to cognitive impairment, poor safety awareness, muscle weakness, and balance deficits. Our physical therapists can determine appropriate assistive devices, provide staff education, and establish guidelines for appropriate supervision and other physical assistance to facilitate safe gait. Physical activity, including exercise and balance activities, will promote strength and balance. This also helps improve the ability to walk, navigate obstacles including stairs, and maneuvering in and out of chairs safely.

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    If you or a loved one is interested in Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other residential memory care, we invite you to learn more about the full continuum of memory care services available at Parc Provence. From Assisted Living to Rehabilitation to Skilled Nursing, we combine all levels of service with compassionate memory care to provide the finest option for seniors in St. Louis. Contact us today to learn more.