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    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy

    We offer quality occupational therapy services right in our building. In our wellness center, known as “Function Junction,” residents use familiar activities and tools along with clinical methods to address therapy goals. The convenience of on-site therapy allows residents and their families to focus on health and wellness without the hassle of managing off-site appointments.

    Our Therapists

    Every occupational therapist at Parc Provence has extensive experience working with senior adults. They are also specially trained in all aspects of memory care. We use a team approach to therapy under physician supervision. Parc Provence therapists work closely with our nursing staff, communicate with caregivers, and involve family members to ensure personalized treatment to all our residents.

    Occupational Therapy with Dementia Care

    The main goal of occupational therapy at Parc Provence is to maintain the resident’s current level of function, as well as promote independence as long as possible. Although remediation of cognitive performance is not likely, the person may demonstrate improved function in other ways achieved with the help of occupational therapy. These are compensation, adaptation, and/or restoring strength and balance to promote safety and activities of daily living.

    Occupational therapy interventions for residents with dementia involve various approaches. They include:

    • Health promotion – Our practitioners use occupational therapy to teach valuable life skills such as fall prevention while focusing on the wellness and maintained strengths of residents. This enriches their lives by allowing them to safely engage in activities of daily life and their preferred hobbies as much as possible.
    • Remediation – While the restoration of cognitive skills is generally not expected in dementia care, recovery and restoration of physical skills may still take place. Occupational therapists help residents work toward remediation of range of motion, strength, balance, and endurance.
    • Maintenance – Parc Provence therapists observe what is working well in the daily routine of the person who has dementia, and can provide additional supports. These ensure the person’s skills are maintained as long as possible.
    • Modification – This may be the most frequently used intervention for people who have dementia. Modification ensures safe and supportive environments by using adaptation and compensation.

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