Exercise for Seniors - Strength Training for Senior Adults

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    Restorative Therapy

    Restorative Therapy

    Restorative therapy helps residents maintain physical abilities that foster independence and a healthy lifestyle. Our experienced, compassionate professionals at Parc Provence can help residents accomplish the exercise programs and reach the goals set out for them as part of a restorative therapy plan.

    Maintain Quality of Life

    Restorative therapy is designed to help residents maintain their mobility, balance, and strength. It supplements occupational and physical therapy programs with individualized exercise routines. The goal is to maximize the resident’s level of function throughout the underlying course of his or her disease while maintaining participation in activities of daily living for as long as possible. Life can be improved by restoring the ability to take care of one’s own needs and maximizing abilities.

    Restorative therapy is guided by an assessment made by the resident’s medical practitioner or therapist, and may take place after rehabilitation due to an injury or illness. This therapy may also be part of ongoing, long-term care.

    Residents receiving personalized restorative therapy plans will focus on key goals. They may include:

    • Range of motion
    • Stair climbing
    • Ambulation
    • Strength training
    • Transfer training (example: form a bed to a wheelchair)

    By focusing on physical restoration even when cognitive remediation may not be possible, Parc Provence residents are able to be more active and engaged in life. We believe in providing fulfilling lives for as long as possible, because Every Moment Matters.

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