Geriatric Speech Therapy - Speech and Language Therapy for Adults

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    Speech Therapy

    Speech Therapy

    Speech therapy at Parc Provence focuses on the resident’s capacity for speech, language, comprehension, and swallowing. Rehabilitative care is available to Parc Provence residents with all of these concerns right here, on site. The convenience of on-site therapy allows residents and their families to focus on health and wellness without the hassle of managing off-site appointments.

    Speech Therapy in Dementia Care

    Speech and language therapy services address various concerns, including the cognitive, communication, and swallowing difficulties associated with dementia. Neurological difficulties and deterioration of the swallowing mechanism are two very common issues addressed in speech and language therapy at Parc Provence.

    Our highly skilled speech therapists work with Parc Provence residents to help them function at the highest level of independence possible throughout the course of the underlying disease. Specifically, they treat the cognitive aspects of communication, including attention, memory, sequencing, problem solving, and executive functioning. Quality speech therapy can help a resident who has dementia use strategies to preserve communication and cognitive functioning for as long as possible.

    Speech therapy strategies used in dementia care include:

    • Using written cues for completing tasks or to assist memory recall
    • Developing “memory books” to help recall personal information
    • Training family members or caregivers in how to better communicate with their loved one who has dementia

    If the resident has swallowing difficulties, speech therapy can be used to ensure safe swallowing. This may include teaching compensatory strategies or altering a person’s diet so that he or she can eat without risk of choking or illness.

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