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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music therapy is more than just playing recorded music for relaxation. Many of us may define music as therapy, but music therapy is an allied health profession that defines much more for those in need of strong connections to support their quality of life.

Music therapists at Parc Provence are certified and skilled in the scientific use of music interventions to accomplish goals within a therapeutic relationship. Our music therapists design personalized music interventions to elevate mood, enhance memory, reduce isolation, encourage communication, and increase self-esteem. In addition, amazing results are recognized in our residents’ physical, social, cognitive, and emotional well-being. From assessment to intervention, to cooperative team care plans, each resident’s response to the music is carefully studied to improve their quality of life.

Research has found that nothing engages the entire brain so extensively as music. Memories are easily sparked with songs from one’s youth. Music therapy promotes a joyful approach to life by singing, dancing, songwriting, playing instruments and sharing wonderful memories through music. We use both group and individual therapy sessions to engage residents in entertaining, beneficial interventions that stimulate the entire brain.

Creative arts therapies are just one of the many ways Parc Provence helps residents see their individual potential and enjoy each day to the fullest. Every year, Parc Provence hosts a Music Festival to showcase our residents’ work. The public is invited to join us for a variety of musical experiences and live entertainment. Watch for information on this website.

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Parc Provence residents benefit from the highest quality memory care available for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive disorders. With over 80 activities every single day, our residents stay engaged and active at every stage. It’s the highest quality, most supportive and compassionate residential memory care offered. Contact us today to schedule your personal tour.

An interview aired on Great Day St. Louis on KMOV-TV – Janet Rice, Music Therapist, and Laura Schmid, Art Therapist, describe the benefits of these therapies in dementia and Alzheimer’s care. Studies show art and music therapy stimulate and engage the entire brain, and can maintain and improve self-worth, making this a vital part of our Person-Centered Care at Parc Provence.