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    Is It Time to Choose Memory Care?

    Is It Time to Choose Memory Care?


    A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia comes with many questions. One of those may be “when is the right time to choose memory care?” Is there a sign or moment that signals a need for a different type of care? Will a doctor tell us when to consider help?

    Many people juggle a desire to maintain life as it was while seeing changes and wondering what comes next. We’ve talked to countless families and caregivers about memory care. Every choice is personal, but certain information can help people with memory problems and their families feel comfortable about their decisions.

    Can We Do This At Home?

    When diagnosed with a memory disorder, it is normal and natural to cling to what is known. It is also normal to try to determine if the illness can be managed at home. In some cases, it is quite possible that living at home is a viable option and can be for some time. Think about some of the following factors that might affect this decision:

    • What type of memory loss was diagnosed? Different types have different prognoses. Listen to the doctor about what to expect.
    • What symptoms are present and do they pose any risks to someone who is living alone or who does not have constant care? Behaviors such as wandering can be difficult to manage in a home care situation.
    • Do we have access to the care and resources we need at all times? Do family and friends have availability to help with care, appointments, meals, etc., when needed?
    • Will the person with memory loss receive therapies to stimulate the brain and participate in activities that keep him or her actively engaged in life?

    What Benefits Does Memory Care Provide?

    High quality memory care such as the residential community of well being at Parc Provence can be a beautiful choice for families. Our experienced staff is specially trained in all aspects of memory care. We tailor every activity to our residents’ needs and interests, and our award-winning design feels like a comfortable home. Music, art, and reminiscence therapies plus meals, social events and more provide an environment that encourages residents to thrive while also providing the peace of mind families desire. In fact, we often hear happy residents and relieved families tell us they wish they had chosen memory care sooner.

    When Do We Choose Memory Care?

    It’s entirely up to you. However, research shows that socialization, engagement, and proven therapies are good for the brain. A community environment with therapies, activities, and medical care on-site can provide these. Early intervention can be beneficial in some types of memory disorders.

    In addition to choosing what’s best for the person who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is important to consider what is best for caregivers. Are friends and family enjoying the bonding experience caregiving provides? Or, is there risk of caregiver burnout? Family and friends are always part of our community at Parc Provence, so memory care with us allows loved ones to focus on making memories.


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    At Parc Provence, we can help you learn about the benefits of memory care without pressure. Our residents and their families come first always, so your comfort and care is our number one priority. We are proud of our services, and we’d love to give you a tour of our community. Contact us today for more information.