A Healthy Diet Means a Healthy Brain at Parc Provence

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    A Healthy Diet Means a Healthy Brain at Parc Provence

    A Healthy Diet Means a Healthy Brain at Parc Provence

    Good News About Good Food

    A recent survey has linked healthy diets to increased mental sharpness among adults age 40 and older. These older adults who say they eat plenty of healthy foods are twice as likely as those who rarely eat a nutritious diet to rate their mental sharpness as “excellent” or “very good” according to a new AARP consumer survey on brain health and nutrition.

    Respondents who claim to eat fruits, vegetables, and fish regularly say they also experience the benefit of not only a healthier brain but a healthier heart and overall bodily health as well.

    These results coincide with AARP’s recent Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) study which concludes that a plant-based diet rich in fruits and vegetables is conducive to maintaining improved brain health while eating seafood can also potentially improve cognitive function.

    A meal plated at the dining table.

    Gourmet Meets Good-For-You

    Parc Provence is proud to offer our residents a wide variety of healthy dining options spanning all food groups conducive to brain and heart health. Chefs Christian Miller and Shedrick Gollady bring a demonstrated record of success and dedication to their craft as a reflection of the unsurpassed care Parc Provence offers its residents. Our chefs use only the freshest and best quality ingredients when crafting each meal.

    Chefs Christian and Shedrick also work individually with residents. As Executive Chef, Christian Miller regularly collaborates with residents and their families to make sure residents with special appetites or dietary requirements have access to certain menu items or ingredients. He also takes recommendations and requests for personal-favorite menu items which can connect residents to past memories or cherished traditions, stimulating cognitive activity.

    Keeping Your Body Going with Age

    It’s important to remember that no single food is the answer to perfect brain or heart health. Though, by consuming a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, fish, and healthy fats, while cutting down on salt, sugar, highly saturated fats, and empty calories — improved brain and heart health may not be far behind.

    According to AARP, nearly 90 percent of survey takers say they would likely eat healthier if they knew it would lower the risks of cognitive decline, heart disease, and diabetes.

    Well, it’s never too late!

    At Parc Provence, we place a high premium on a healthy diet and its many benefits. It’s a simple yet important concept that Parc Provence holds dear: What’s good for the body is good for the brain, and vice versa. Learn more about the aforementioned study and subsequent conclusions of medical professionals in this AARP article. To learn more about Parc Provence’s many dining options and amenities, or to schedule a tour, contact us at 314-697-2081.