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    Harnessing the Power of Music for Health

    Harnessing the Power of Music for Health

    At Parc Provence, we have seen the power of music to benefit the health of our residents. That’s why we host a Music Festival each year and invite the public to see the joy in our community. We have experience using music therapy in memory care, and have seen tremendous results. Scientific research also shows that music has positive effects on health and wellbeing. Our caring, compassionate therapists use proven methods to promote the best results for Parc Provence residents.

    How can music benefit health?

    While just about everyone enjoys music, music therapy is the intentional use of music to achieve a desired outcome or change. The change can be therapeutic, emotional, or spiritual. Music therapy has proven especially helpful for people who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or chronic pain. Studies have shown the following:

    • Communication barriers can be broken. Music can enable people in advanced stages of dementia to communicate better and engage with their surroundings. When hearing music that is meaningful to them, people with memory loss have been observed becoming much more responsive and engaged. It is thought that the music taps into memories and stimulates brain activity in a uniquely beneficial way.
    • People who have experienced stroke can benefit from song. A study showed that people who listened to music while recovering from a stroke regained their ability to speak faster than those who listened to audiobooks or nothing at all. Listening to music also decreased the incidence of depression and confusion among stroke sufferers.
    • People who have Parkinson’s disease see benefits from music therapy. A number of studies show that music therapy can help people who have Parkinson’s disease may regain some of their abilities through music therapy. In addition, music therapy improves quality of life and can be more beneficial than other therapies in certain cases.

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    The best way to see the power of music is to witness the effects first-hand at our annual Music Festival. It’s happening now at Parc Provence, and you’re invited! Click here to see a schedule of many popular events. Contact us for more details or to schedule your private tour.

    If you or a loved one is considering assisted living with the added benefit of high-quality memory care, visit Parc Provence. Our community feels like home. We also provide peace of mind because you can rest assured that we can accommodate your every need, even if those needs change. We have been The Leader in Memory Care for over 13 years. Our experienced, compassionate staff is here to help you and your loved ones. Contact us today.


    A caregiver playing the guitar for a resident.