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Is Soda Bad for Brain Health?

Is Soda Bad for Brain Health?

There has been a lot of information in the news lately about the impact of drinking soda on brain health. What does it all mean? Is all soda bad? We take brain health seriously at Parc Provence, so we are here to sort fact from fiction and help you sort through the headlines to understand what impact soda can have on memory and cognitive function.

Diet Soda Tied to Health Risks in New Study

A new study tied drinks using artificial sweeteners, including diet soda, to an increased risk of stroke and dementia. The study was published in the American Heart Association’s journal called Stroke. It was a project of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Boston University. While the FDA, the World Health Association, the European Food Safety Authority and others have all studied low-calorie sweeteners and determined that they are safe for consumption, this new study may prompt more study into the link between artificial sweeteners and vascular health.

Should We Stop Drinking Diet Soda?

While this new study does associate diet soda with increased risk of stroke and dementia, it is important to look at the reasons why people drink artificially sweetened beverages. Diet soft drinks may have health risks, but may be a better choice for some people (such those who have diabetes) than drinks containing sugar. It is also important to remember that beverages are just one of many factors including food choices, exercise, and other health habits that contribute to overall health. Therefore, making as many choices as possible to promote vascular health will decrease your chances of experiencing stroke or dementia.


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